In order to accomplish those things which are important, an intensity of purpose is required. Whenever we set out to do something of extreme importance we tend to focus upon it until it is completed. Focus is one of the key ingredients needed, which can only be realized when we view the task at hand as purposeful. When a task is viewed in this way there is an intensity which goes along with it.

Strategic Purpose

Kingdom advancement requires a conscientious effort. It requires focus, resolve and tenacity. In addition to those attributes Kingdom advancement requires concrete strategies and tactics. In order to develop these strategies and tactics we need to think through to the end goal and decide, in detailed fashion, how to reach it. Detail is critical. Innovation and creativity is also a critical factor in planning. If we are sincere about cultural renovation God-ward, we will have an intensity of purpose toward that end goal. It will become our focus and our short and long term end.

The Painful Details

Kingdom advancement can only succeed when we plan in detail working from the end goal


For example: If you want to introduce yourself to the local sheriff, or the local county common-wealth attorney how would you go about achieving that? Where would you begin? How would you go about executing that goal?

First, you need to know “Why” you are meeting with him?
What do you want to accomplish?
What is your ultimate agenda?
What is the long-term reason why you might be interested in introducing yourself to that magistrate?

Since or default plan is usually abstract we need retrain ourselves to think in painfully explicit detail. We might begin with an abstract goal, but in order to successfully execute it to its final end there must be a systematic, well thought out, detailed plan.

Personal Integration

There are two ways of going about integrating yourself into any community. You can either critique and criticize to the point where people stop listening to you, or you can be crafty and become a trusted, even sought out, leader in the community God-ward. 

Once people respect you, even if they do not agree with you, you can have a Godly influence upon the culture so when you vehemently disagree with something it is not rejected out of hand.

A Case Study: The Details

Let’s take the hypothetical case of introducing yourself to the local sheriff. First: Why would you even bother getting to know the Sheriff? One very important reason is that he is the executive officer of the entire county which is an extremely weighty position. Secondly, he is one of the most important lesser magistrates that stands between the tyranny of the State and you. Thirdly, his job is to keep peace and order within the community which is essential to the overall well-being of any community.

So how do you get into the front door without looking like a complete idiot or nut case?

Remember you want to ultimately have him get to know you as an individual of integrity, lawfulness, ethical stability, knowledge and wisdom. If you have a business within the community, or if you are a minister, elder or deacon in your church, the introduction is easy. You already have a conspicuous place in the community which shows you have a stake in its safety and prosperity.

You can start by making an appointment with the sheriff introducing yourself and your position in the community, thanking him for his service and then asking him if there is anything that you might do to make his job easier.

This has to be a sincere request. You should want to be available as a gospel ambassador should an opportunity arise. Before he gets to know you, you must get to know him. Show some consideration for the job he has, his concern for his deputies, and offer whatever help and encouragement you can as a citizen or minister within the county.

After the initial introduction, be sure to periodically touch base with him and perhaps some of the deputies. Once a fluid relationship is established watch for opportunities to minster the Word of God to him as it concerns his position as the lesser magistrate.

Other Opportunities

This approach can be applied to any area that you wish to influence. Get to know the local bank manager, editor of the newspaper, fire chief, political reps of the local, state and federal jurisdiction. Visit your local commonwealth attorney and your local circuit court judges. Down the road, you may be able to offer them some materials that might be of interest in the application of God’s Law.
Don’t forget to be personable especially to the county clerk, treasurer and the secretaries of these offices. Don’t forget the local clergy. Get to know them. Eventually you will be lobbying them to get on board with certain community issues that they may tend to shy away from.

The Long-Term Effects

I cannot stress the importance of maintaining a consistency of Godliness. The manifestation of your ethical conformity to the Law of God is of utmost importance. You must be trust-worthy and even-tempered even in the face of severe reproach, slander, backbiting and even betrayal, all of which is guaranteed. Not everyone will respond positively to your Christian cause. Your purpose is to make inroads as a Christian leader in the community. Your efforts, if you are committed to the end goal, will pay off in the future, ultimately aiding in the advancement of righteousness, justice, equity and peace – the components of the Kingdom of God.