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Having established an institute for higher theological learning and Christian scholarship, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is a motivational speaker that gets the listener zealous to carry out the dominion mandate in their own communities.

Thanksgiving and the Rebellious Man

Since the fall of mankind, man, often through the power of the State, has sought to be God. This is a blatant attempt at disavowing the Truth of God’s Word. By denying Christ’s Lordship, and dominion legitimacy, over every realm of civilization man positions himself to take the place of God. The Dominion Mandate that was originally given to Adam is now given to the Christ. Wen Adam failed in his commission to subdue the earth; Christ succeeded. Jesus, the Messiah of [...]

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When The Judgment is Now

In an Epoch Times opinion piece by Victor Davis Hanson, he writes, “Americans are now entering uncharted, revolutionary, territory.”  This is a profound statement as well as a painfully obvious reality. A carful assessment of America’s situation can only result in the realization that there is a systemic unraveling of every area of American civilization which is reminiscent of the last days of the Roman Empire. While this downward spiral may be something new for America, it is a very common [...]

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Law, Liberty & The Reconstruction of the Biblical Commonwealth

Continuing in the Tradition and Theology of Calvin, Beza, and the Reformers of the 16th Century, the American Puritans believed that the construct of civil government and the cultural order could never be neutral. While they held to a blend of Natural Law, human reason and Scripture, it was Scripture that was always used as the Foundation of Truth. Unlike the natural Law theorist’s of today, where Human Reason, Natural Law and self reliance is the Foundation of Truth – and [...]

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Religion, Law, & The Civil Order

If there is to be any reformation of men and nations, there first needs to be the acceptance of Divine Law as the governing apparatus of society. The European Reformation insisted that civil law be informed by God’s Law in order to reform the society. God’s Law was the means to orderly reformation resulting in an enduring system of righteousness. By this, the individual could be free and the civil order prosperous. God’s Law would ensure national peace under the Divine [...]

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Millenarianism Rekindled

Mankind lives in the constant state of his eschatological assumptions. Whether he knows it or not, man lives his entire life according to his eschatology. While we might identify these eschatological assumptions as political, economic, social, historical or religious, they are what we might call Millenarian. Millenarianism, when viewed from a social vantage-point, according to Norman Cohn “Millenarianism is seen by [its participants], not as a struggle for specific, limited objectives, but as…a cataclysm from which the world is to emerge [...]

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Liberty and Tyranny: The Theological Connection

There is a powerful relationship between theology and politics. To be more accurate, the relationship is actually between what is commonly called Calvinism and the age-old heresy of Arminianism. The freedom, or subjugation of people, rests upon one or the other of these theological ideas as it is fleshed out, and applied to, the political arena. Simply put, Calvinism is that form of religion which trusts solely upon the merits of the Lord Jesus for salvation apart from any individual human [...]

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Marxism and the Destruction of the Biblical Family

There is a lot of talk these days about patriotism and the concern over liberty in the face of the rise of American Tyranny. While this discussion can be very profitable, and even to a large degree critical for the survival of our Republic and Christianity itself, it provides no lasting benefit if the family unit is compromised by marital infidelity and/or the laxness of Biblical education of the next generation. The Family: Civilization’s Foundation When God created Adam and Eve [...]

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On the Incarnation

The Incarnation of the Son of God signaled the transformation of the human race from a hopeless humanity to one of hope and promise. As early as the beginning of time, Christ was anticipated as the Light of the World, which was destined to separate the light of goodness and truth from the darkness of evil and falsehood.  The Rev. Hodgkin explains how throughout the Holy Word of God, the prophets anticipated the Advent of the Son, “Looking forward into the [...]

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The Incarnation’s Deathblow to the Deification of Man

The Theology of the Incarnation is expressed in two ways: Jesus is actually 100% GOD. Jesus is actually 100% MAN.These are Theological statements that become foundational Doctrines of the Christian Religion. First: Jesus is 100% GOD. In Hebrews 1:8 God the Father Calls Jesus the Son, GOD. Heb 1:8 But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is forever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom. Col 1:15 Who is the image of the [...]

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Building the Perfect Beast

“We have met the enemy; and he is us!” Sometimes you come across a book that simply blows your mind. Recently I was introduced to a book called “Troubled Times” by Iso Horinouchi. Intrigued by its title and the recommendation by another author I quickly purchased it. Recognizing the importance of the treatise I tried to purchase several copies but it now seems to be out of print and very difficult to find. The work was written in 1978 but it [...]

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