The goal of this blog concerns itself with practical Biblical strategies that will help the Christian community in their effort to navigate the dark times in our America for the glory of God. It is not merely meant to be advice or encouragement for the survival of the Christian community but rather it is meant to be used so that God’s people might not only survive but flourish in spite of the difficulties they face. What the Christian community needs to understand is that we all are navigating through a revolution which has begun full tilt and its target is the Crown Rights of Christ the King, which means its cross hairs are on Christians and Christ’s Church. This cultural Revolution, of which America is experiencing, is a fundamental attack on the spiritual foundation of Western Civilization’s Christianity.

Make no mistake, this revolution is a concerted and conspiratorial effort to enthrone man as God in the place of God. But in order to do that he must destroy both God and any remembrance of God. That means the church and its testimony of the Sovereignty of Christ must be eradicated. The Gospel is now targeted by the powers that be for extinction. This revolutionary anti-Christian movement must be addressed and systematically dismantled if Western Civilization is to survive and the Church is to grow. The time to act is now!

Groen Van Prinsterer nailed it when he said,

In essence, [this anti-Christian] Revolution is…the invasion of the human mind by the doctrine of the absolute sovereignty of man, thus making him the source and center of all truth, by substituting human reason and human will for divine Revelation and Divine Law… It is an anti-God, anti-Truth Revolution [which is] based in an age-old philosophy of irreligion which posits that man can be as God.”

If left unchecked, given free reign, this Revolution will destroy church, state, society and the family. It is a Revolution of destruction which uses fear, chaos, confusion and uncertainty to control the population.

The Deception

This Revolution is quite cunning in its strategy. While it promises liberty and democratic security, it actually produces slavery and injustice without every actually establishing liberty or restoring moral order and justice. It is wholly bent upon destruction. This Revolution ultimately leads men and nations into atheism which results in despair and hopeless. This is a guaranteed pathway for a totalitarian state to swoop in and take ultimate control of the lives of its subjects. Slavery is the result. This anti-God Revolution hides its evil under a cloak of democracy and democratic promises while working secretly to enslave an unsuspecting populace amidst a network of bureaucratic regulations and mandates culminating in total despotic control.

Liberal Satanism

Liberalism is an evil adversary. It is the engine behind this anti- Christian Revolution. Hiding behind words like equity, justice, safety, and democracy it actually obscures its real agenda of what it is all about…the destruction of Truth. That is the Revolution’s goal. If the Revolution of the liberal agenda can destroy Truth it can then replace Truth with its own truth. Men can be women, women can be men, boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Logic and reality can be redefined and reaffirmed by a simply redefining it. Whenever God’s truth, which is revealed in His Law Word, is ignored, destroyed, changed or perverted, chaos results. And that is the plan; bring chaos for out of chaos control.

Groen rightly identified the problem. Liberal churches that believe they can harbor a serpent in their vest and not get bitten. Yet, it is not only the outright liberal churches that are problematic. Too many so-called conservative congregation have bought into the liberal revolutionary lie without even realizing it.

He said this,

It is regrettable that … many Christians, disillusioned by the promises of liberalism, believe that they can take on its principles in whole, or in part, to serve the cause of religion and freedom. They have failed to discover the identity of principle with radicalism that strikes at the very heart of religion and society, thus making them the blind instruments of the hidden power that irresistibly draws the consequences from the principal, never suspecting that they are engaged in its fatal development.

And so, the questions remain: “What can be done?” “How can it be done?” In other words, what strategies and tactics need to be employed? And, finally, “Who is willing to begin the process?”

I will address these questions in the next blog post. Stay tuned.