Whenever an individual, group, church or a political party agrees to support something they are automatically giving their vote of confidence to that thing.  To agree is to confederate. Agreement is an act of affiliation. Affiliation always has a price to pay. Whenever there exists an affiliation, there is also an accountability to that thing that has been agreed upon. Affiliations are either Godly or ungodly. There is no in-between. Darkness and light cannot exist together, nor can that which is good exist with that which is evil.

Good and Evil – No in-between

In the area of law and public policy, morality is an always issue. There is no middle ground. Either a law is moral or it is immoral. In the same manner, alliances can be either moral or immoral. Legislation is all about legislating morality. The real question is whose morality? God’s standards of morality and ethics are both absolute and unchangeable. Sadly, as a result of man’s denial of God’s absolute Law standards, his standards of law change constantly according to whatever fad, fashion or public opinion dictates. This is why man’s autonomous policy- making is dangerously inconsistent and unpredictable from one moment to the next. By the stroke of a legislator’s pen, or a president’s executive order, a practice that was legal one day is illegal the next day. This is what happens when God’s absolute predictable standards of right and wrong, good and evil are ignored. Once God and His laws are comfortably ignored chaos erupts and revolution begins to creep over the horizon.

Party Politics and Culpability

Evil is defined by the Word of God. Everyone knows this, but as a result of unregenerate mankind’s wickedness they suppress the truth of God in their quest to be as God and replace truth with error and morality with immorality. In the realm of politics, whenever a political party supports evil, that party is evil. There are no two ways about it and no justification can be given. Evil is evil and any political confederacy with evil makes both the individual of that party, and the party as a whole, wickedly evil. If a political party legislates the murder of pre and already born babies, that party is evil. This means that they are to be held accountable for murder, if not in the courts of American justice, then certainly they will be held accountable in the court of Heaven. If a political party supports sodomy through legislation, according to Scripture, that party is promoting evil and will be held accountable for that evil. Therefore, whenever an individual confederates and/or affiliates with an evil group, apostate church, or political party it makes that individual evil. God will not be mocked. Stand in support of evil legislation by affiliating with the political party of that legislation and you are a part of that evil legislation. God will hold you accountable.

The Christian Alliance with Evil

How many professing Christians claim membership with a political party that has consistently promoted evil? The numbers are astounding. Is it that these folks never realize that their affiliation with these evil groups make them party to their evil legislation? To put it bluntly, whether they know it or not, or whether they care or not, they are no less accountable to God for the exact same wickedness that they are supporting by affiliation. So why do so many professing Christians remain associated with these groups? The answer is Dualism.

Dualism and the Destruction of the Soul

Too many Christians think they can separate their political affiliation with their religious beliefs. What they do not realize is that they are acting inconsistently to their faith by confederating with a political party that consistently legislates against their professed beliefs, such as murder, mayhem and immorality. These Christians believe that their faith is personal, while their political affiliations remain separate and do not reflect their religion. That is an insane assumption. It is the essence of dualism. The horror is that whoever associates with evil is party to the evil and will reap the whirlwind of God’s wrath. This truth must be shouted from the housetops.

Come Out from Among Them

In the United States, at this time in our history, both political parties are compromised and yet, one party is blatantly blasphemous, murderous and immoral in principle as well as legislative action. Christians who associate with that “party of death” and immorality must repent and leave that confederacy immediately or be held accountable for all the evil that party has done over these many years. No one can harbor a serpent in his vest and not be bitten or fire in his belly without being burned. It is time to come out from among them and be separate.