“We have met the enemy; and he is us!”

Sometimes you come across a book that simply blows your mind. Recently I was introduced to a book called “Troubled Times” by Iso Horinouchi. Intrigued by its title and the recommendation by another author I quickly purchased it. Recognizing the importance of the treatise I tried to purchase several copies but it now seems to be out of print and very difficult to find. The work was written in 1978 but it speaks to the 21st century like no other book that I have ever read. This blog post introduces you to its content and relevance to our current national situation.

Building the Perfect Beast

What America is experiencing is the breakdown of the economic, political and social order of what was once the City Upon A Hill – the American wonder. Our nation’s breakdown, however, is not something that has happened accidentally. What is happening to our nation is a planned attempt to reconfigure the entire landscape of America to fit the Marxist agenda whereby a quasi-police state emerges with the ivory towers of power in complete control and where the people are subjected to their tyrannical whims. The powers that are in authority are building the perfect beast and it will destroy America and its people if it is not stopped very soon.

America’s Megaclysm

So why was professor Horinouchi’s book such a treasure? Simply because he identifies everything that America is now going through in the 21st century, and he calls it a “Megaclysmic Event”. A megaclysm takes place whenever there is a major cataclysmic event in a nation that is comprehensive and systemic. This megaclysm results in a paradigm shift that renders a nation unrecognizable from what it’s original structure and function looked like before the event.. More specifically, a megaclysm occurs when there is a major disruption in the economic, political and social order which when it reaches critical mass is so destructive that the original structure is almost irredeemable. 

Megaclysm Through An Economic Shift

Whenever there is an economic shift in the nation, there is usually also a major shift politically and socially. If the economic shift is negative, as in an inflationary period or a depression, all of society is affected. Whenever economic shifts take place naturally, as where there is a free and competitive market,  society flourish. When, however, the economy of a nation is micro-managed, problems occur, especially if the economy is being managed in order to bring about a massive collapse. Marxism relies upon chaos to achieve its goal of total domination. An economic collapse is one of the pathways to total Marxist domination. It is one of the tools Marxists use to bring a nation into chaos. It is at that time when Marxism takes control.

A nation cannot sustain itself on a system of astronomical deficit spending. Bringing a nation to its knees economically is also a tool of the progressive left. Economic chaos is not only an economic issue, it is a political issue as well. We are witnessing the total deterioration of our economic system through unbridled spending which has been adopted by the political elites.

Horinouchi observes,

“A country cannot operate its economic system on an astronomical deficit financial status forever. It must one day account for its deficit spending or declare bankruptcy. The nation cannot afford to bail out all the cities that are also operating on a deficit budget. The government cannot support the failing and shaky status of the Social Security Administration, Federal and State unemployment compensation, Medicare, and other welfare and social agencies. Furthermore, our government cannot do international business with a balance of trade in the red. Nor can it continue to function as “big brother” or a rich uncle, supporting other countries through foreign aid, loans, wheat deals, and other large-scale, politically-motivated programs without affecting its own economy.”pg26

This type of economic irresponsibility coupled with economic manipulation is just another  sign of an impending megaclysmic situation. 

Megaclysim through the Weaponization of Covid-19

While economic instability is perhaps on the top of the list of America’s problems, Horinouchi explains that epidemics are also a component which can bring about a megaclysmic effect. It is serious enough when there are natural epidemics within a community or a nation, but when it is unnatural, or weaponized for political (megaclysmic) ends, it becomes more egregious and dangerous. 

Horinouchi comments,

“A major outbreak of a new strain of Bubonic plague or other devastating disease can be a major threat to the survival of a Nation, whether the epidemic is man-made or a natural occurrence. Thus, a significant loss of the total population or deaths of key leaders can cause a complete paralysis of the operation of a country.” pg30

We must remember that the strategy of the Marxist tyrannical regime is to manufacture chaos using whatever means possible. Economic deterioration coupled with a weaponized plague is exactly what is needed to bring the people into submission. The ultimate goal of the Progressive Left is to reshape the culture with the State as Messiah, the savior of men. The plan is to deconstruct everything so as to reconstruct everything according to a tyrannical Marxist structure. Chaos is the means to that end. Because chaos evokes fear, fearful people are easily controlled.

Megaclysim Through Climate Change

Horinouchi’s insight on this point is amazing. He identifies climate as another weapon used by those that wish to control a nation. If the American public believes that they are on the brink of a catastrophic climate event they will do anything to prevent it. They will give money, establish non profit organizations, and even brow beat those that refuse to agree with the manufactured threat to the point of violence opposition. 

Megaclysim Through Riots and Looting

Another way the Marxist elite advances their counter culture agenda of tyrannical communism is by fueling the public to rioting and looting. We are living in an age referred to as “The Rise of the Deviant”. Whenever there is a breakdown of law and order, either through the defunding of police or the suspension of laws concerning robbery, violent protests, rape or homicide, the nation is on the brink of a megaclysmic event. Rioters, looters and those that act out violent aggression on law abiding citizens are no longer seen as these criminals are now labeled the victim and the real victim is often blamed for the crime. Laws that once protected law abiding citizens have been transformed for the protection of lawless individuals. Today, those that act in self defense or in the protection of property are considered criminal. Redefine good and evil and chaos results. This is another sign of a megaclysimic situation.

Horinouchi observes,

“Further loss of confidence in the leadership results in the breakdown of Law and Order, leading to an internal conflict among the people. In such a situation… a city [becomes overrun with] looters, plunderers, murderers, rapists, and engage in other violent behavior. A dog-eat-dog situation can be just as harmful and devastating as the actions of a conquering enemy.” pg35

Economic deterioration, when followed by anarchy, lawlessness, looting, rioting and other dysfunctional behavior the nation becomes ripe for a megaclysmic event. We are on that slippery slope at this very moment.

Horinouchi’s insight in this area is amazing. 

 “…[S]tores will become the object of looting. As looting and burgarizing increases without the protection of over taxed and understaffed law enforcement groups, the masses of the people – men, women and children – will also become involved in the looting and pilfering of whatever they can take….As the violence reaches epidemic proportions, the lives of policemen are threatened. In fact, policemen themselves are afraid to enter the central urban areas for fear of being attacked by the angered and aroused masses…Thus, the local police force may become ineffective and unable to control the cities.” pg52

Megaclysim and the Stages of Economic Decline

If  the economic situation deteriorates dramatically Anarchy, lawlessness, looting, rioting, and other dysfunctional behavior is most likely to find its way into some of these major cities, as we have seen in the recent past. Once this takes place we are on the precipice of a megaclysmic situation. 

Megaclism Through Layoffs, Unemployment and Race Wars

Layoffs and unemployment are other tactics used to bring the nation to its knees and leads to a megaclysim situation. What we have also seen recently is an increased demand for raw materials and supplies from both domestic and international suppliers.  But because of layoffs and the combined effects of the weaponized COVID-19 event, supplies, essential for an economy as large as the US, have negatively affected businesses and consumers. 

Megaclysm Through Racism

The leadership and its rabid pit bull, the media, have resurrected what is commonly known as the race wars. Everything is now seen through a racial lens. BLM ( another term for Marxism and the destruction of the Traditional family) coupled with calling all white men White Supremacists, have fueled such hatred that civil discussions can no longer be had. This is simply another tactic to bring about chaos and a megaclysmic situation. Pit citizens against each other on the basis of race, sex, religion or vaccination status is a recipe for a megaclysmic event. Once that happens, the Deep State will take total control over every aspect of society. This is evident even now with the push to control what people do medically with their own bodies via the Vaccine Mandate.

American Resilience

Even though Horinouchi’s predictions have come to pass and are escalating as I write this post, all is not lost provided certain steps are taken. Americans are resilient. Not everyone in the United States is a sheep waiting to be sheered. Most Americans understand what is happening. They understand their rights as God and the US Constitution has guaranteed . Most Americans are family loving people who simply want to live freely, work hard and see their children and grandchildren grow and raise their own families. What Americans have to come to terms with, however, is that the answer to America’s problem is America must change but not into what the Marxists envision. America needs to return to its Christian roots since that is what initially made the nation great. And so, what Americans should desire is a return to Christo-centric, God honoring laws where good and evil are defined by the Holy Scriptures. That is what this nation was founded upon. A return to that is a return to sanity, liberty and national prosperity. 

The Fall and Rise of a Nation

Whenever a nation experiences a megaclysmic event a radical change takes place. What is important to understand is the change does not necessarily mean total annihilation. When the Roman empire was finally destroyed in 410 BC by Alaric the Visigoth barbarian it sparked a megaclysimic change which ultimately led to the Christianization of Europe. From 410 throughout the early Middle Ages barbarian tribes routinely raided the nations which were once part of the Roman empire. These events were megaclysmic yet they resulted in the further Christianization of Europe and Great Britain. As the barbarians attacked these nations they came face to face with Christianity and the declaration of the Gospel. Many barbarians were converted including kings and tribal rulers. 

When Islam finally sacked Constantanople in 1453 the Christian Byzantine Empire came to a crashing halt. On the surface this megaclysm event was a horrible thing. Yet, the subjugation of the Empire forced the Christian priests and theologians to flee to the West bringing the Greek New Testament to Europe launching  the glorious European Reformation. 

And so, a megaclysmic event can be used for good provided its direction is God-ward.