The Battle Begins – albeit a Little Late

As we enter into the year of our Lord 2024, we are faced with the total breakdown of the American culture, and arguably the world. Certainly, this breakdown did not simply happen overnight nor did it crop up without our knowing it. This breakdown, which I will call The Cultural Revolution, which is nothing more than the secular takeover of the entire world, was developing right before our eyes. The problem was that too many willingly tolerated the incremental insanity that was being promoted to the point where it has now become a major force in both America and other parts of Western Civilization.

The Culprit

While some might blame this insane blasphemy upon evil men, the global elitists, the devil or the conspiracy of wicked anti-moral anti-Christian policies, the real culprit is the modern Christian church. Since the culture is the direct result of the church’s influence, or in this case, its absence, upon the moral integrity of the populace, it is the church that has failed in her mission to navigate the direction of the culture and safeguard the nation from its graveyard spiral downward into Divine Judgment. As it has been so rightly stated, ‘the culture is the report card of the church; and she has failed miserably!’

The Revolution has Begun and Christians are Oblivious

Too many within the walls of the modern church, even many of the citizens of America, are clueless to the fact that a revolution is well underway intentionally undermining the foundations of Christendom and the liberty under God that it promotes. Sadly, the idea and the reality of real freedom is a thing of the past. Of a truth, men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil. Modern mankind, especially those in the U.S. love practical slavery, oppression and the tyranny of man because they are slaves to sin, the oppression and tyranny of their fallen nature, and the lawlessness that it produces.

Author, pastor and theologian Kevin Swanson observes,

“Though the word FREEDOM is hardly used in our day, symbols of bondage are increasingly popular with the youth…Body piercing, certain clothing styles, jewelry, and other symbols are popular with the youth attempt to celebrate the [equipment] of bondage.”

Not only has the totalitarian State hijacked the liberty of its citizenry, it has convinced the people that slavery, under the guise of the “democratic” welfare system, is preferable to freedom, and the modern church has bought into this lie hook, line and sinker. Parading the term “Democracy” around like a football mascot, the progressive anti- Christian left has hypnotized the people into believing that they are actually free and that the American democratic Republic is healthy. Nothing can be further from the truth. The revolution has begun, and too many unsuspecting people are now caught flat footed without a strategy to fight back.

The Eradication of Religion and Truth

The Cultural Revolution of which America and the world is experiencing is a fundamental attack on the spiritual foundation of Western Civilization’s Christianity and the True God of the Universe. This attack is a deliberate and concentrated effort to dethrone God replacing Him with man, enthroned as God. This is a revolutionary movement which, if not addressed properly and dismantled entirely, Western Civilization will not survive. We will be plunged back into the days of the Caesars and the Pharaohs where men not only seek to be God but act as God.

Groen Von Prinsterer explains,

“In essence, the revolution is …the invasion of the human mind by the doctrine of the absolute sovereignty of man, thus making him the source and center of all truth, by substituting human reason and human will for divine revelation and divine will,,,This anti-god, anti-truth revolution is based in an age old philosophy of irreligion which posits that man can be as God.”

Perpetuating the Insanity

One might be able to excuse the common folk for being gullible but there is no excuse for the Christian community, especially the pastors who are divinely commissioned to watch over and protect the Body of Christ from the wolves of the wicked and their damnable philosophies. Case in point: How many Christian Parents still sacrifice their children to the statist system of schooling while their ministers sit idly by often encouraging Statist education? If parents were unsure as to the dark agenda of the Statist system before, there is definitely no excuse now! Yet, how many parents continue to send their children to these indoctrination camps, which consistently usurp parental rights to the violent destruction of the children? Not only are the children’s minds being corrupted and their souls being destroyed but even their biological make-up is being transformed into something unrecognizable all at the encouragement of wicked men and their Godless agenda. This is blatant tyranny being exercised over the mind as well as the body and it must stopped. For a Christian to continue to maintain a relationship with the Statist system of schooling is to deny the most basic commandments of God’s covenant. The result is clear. Given free reign by this anti-God revolution destroys the individual, the family, the church, the state, and entire societies by producing chaos, misery and ultimately death under the heavy hand of tyrannical totalitarianism.

The False Promise of Liberty

In order to lull the populace into a false sense of security, the anti-God State will roll out certain phrases. One such concerns the idea of democracy and liberty. The quest for tyrannical power often comes into its full strength through stealth by using certain words and phrases yet assigning those words and phrases to different meanings. What we are hearing from the anti-religious left is the cry that they alone can save the democracy. But America is not a democracy. It is a Democratic Republic which means that it is structured as a representative government according t Law. It is law that is supposed to provide justice. What we have seen in America is the erosion of justice to the point where is there is very little justice if at all in certain instances.
While the Godless State promises liberty and democratic security it actually promotes slavery, injustice, fear and confusion without every establishing liberty or restoring moral order and justice.

Liberalism: The Engine of a Godless Revolution

Prinsterer righty asserted that liberalism is the engine of a godless revolution. it hides behind words like democracy in order toobscure the real agenda of what it is all about, which is the total destruction and eradication of Truth. If the Godless Revolutionists succeed in destroying Truth, it can then relace Truth with anything they want, Good can become evil and evil can be heralded as good.

Groen Prinsterer adds,

“Man’s liberal ideology of Revolution will always find itself opposed to Christianity and God’s law. It is regrettable that  many Christians, disillusioned by the promises of liberalism, believe that they can take on its principles in whole or in part, to serve  the cause of religion and freedom. They have failed to discover the identity of principle with radicalism that strikes at the heart of religion and society, thus making them the blind instruments of the hidden power that irresistibly draws the consequences from the principle, never suspecting that they are engaged in its fatal development.”