The American Marxist Indoctrination Scheme

The Chickens Have Finally Come Home to Roost Education is the engine of change. Evil men understand this all too well and have been capitalizing on it since the beginning of time. Today’s American Universities are over-run with Marxist Secularist elitists who are committed to the transformation of the American culture by stripping it of its Christo-centric mooring which include, but are not limited to the dissolution of the family. It is an astonishment that this hostile takeover of the America’s [...]

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Action Starts at Home

Christian action requires a long-term vision beyond the here and now. The Christian is not called to hide out but to engage in the home, church, and community. This is how we confront the Goliath of our day. Reconstructing the culture begins with yourself.In this third episode of the Tactical Recon podcast, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is joined by Elder Paul Coviello of the the Reformed Bible Church of Central Virginia. Together they discuss Christian action and its place in building [...]

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The Anatomy of Fear Pt 2

Who Do We Fear? Perhaps we should identify what men fear most. The list is endless. It is also a list, which varies from person to person. Each individual will be plagued differently by different fears. Men will differ from women and children will differ from adults. The weak will vary in their fears from the strong as will the ignorant from the intelligent. The same holds true for the rich as opposed to the poor. Of all these types, the [...]

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Toilet Bowl Leadership

What is leadership? What are the traits of Christian leadership? In this episode, Dr. Paul Michael Raymond points to Jesus Christ, the perfect leader. While it's not a glamorous endeavor, Christian leadership is needful in kingdom building. He notes that leadership is done by example, not by barking orders. Knowledge does not translate someone into a leader. It must be put into action. A true leader seeks solutions and exercises compassion and carefulness. "Leaders are not in the ivory tower," says Raymond. [...]

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The Anatomy of Fear: Part 1

“The LORD your God which goeth before you, He shall fight for you, according to all that He did for you in Egypt before your eyes…” Deuteronomy 1:30 “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” Joshua 1:9 Since the regenerate, transformed, Christian still battles against the old sin-cursed nature, certain sinful tendencies remain. 1 Even though we are now [...]

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Christian scholarship and the ivory tower

Welcome to the Tactical Recon podcast. We’re glad you’re here. Tactical Recon is getting a facelift and developing a new podcast to discuss and inspire Kingdom-building strategies. The podcast series consists of 20 to 30 minutes episodes that center around the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy’s tagline: “Scholarship, Leadership, and Action.” To kick off the Tactical Recon podcast, we’re rolling out a three-part series highlighting each aspect of the New Geneva tagline. For our first episode, we’re focusing on the [...]

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The COVID-19 Pandemic Panic: A Metaphysical Analysis

While the lion’s share of the focus of the Corona (COVID-19) virus is on how to prevent it, contain it, survive it or cure it, the discussion also includes how it began. In other words, the entire focus is on the physical issues concerning it. Not many are discussing the real reason behind Corona. Pandemics have been part of human history for as long as human history has existed. As a result of the fall of man pandemics were going to [...]

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Every initiative must be attached to a concrete plan of action. The plan must have clear goals including a way to measure whether or not those goals are met. Measurability is essential. The word “initiative” means "to begin something". Those individuals with initiative have the power to rightly assess a situation and then formulate a plan of action to address that situation. To have initiative lends itself to people who take active charge of a project in order to get the job [...]

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The Mechanics of Recon Organization & Execution

The Action Item Method The Christian Reconstructionist must be a Biblical strategist. While thinking God’s thoughts after Him is essential, the Reconstructionist must be able to transfer his ideas into action. This is accomplished by adopting an “Action Item” methodology. Ideas on how to reconstruct any area of the culture must be transformed into measurable actions. This is done by breaking down the idea into specific concrete steps so that anyone can easily follow the plan to realize its end goal. Simply [...]

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Tactical Recon: Kingdom Promotion

Once you have a clear understanding of the issues that face your community you can begin to promote yourself within your community. Promotion is one of the tactics that will position you in your community as a knowledgeable and influential individual. At the outset it is important that you understand that when we speak of seeking self-promotion, we are actually seeking to promote Christ and a Biblical world view and not ourselves. Consider yourself the vehicle, or tool, for the Kingdom’s promotion. [...]

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