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Having established an institute for higher theological learning and Christian scholarship, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is a motivational speaker that gets the listener zealous to carry out the dominion mandate in their own communities.

The Governance of Man

Wherever and whenever God is absent from any governmental structure there can be no prosperity. This is especially true as it concerns national governance. And so, whenever there is a lack of a Biblical Law structure within a nation, the life of that nation withers aways and slowly dies. Unbiblical governance not only strips its citizens of prosperity, it strips them of everything else, including freedom, justice and safety. We are witnessing this today. The more God’s system of law and [...]

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Welcome to the Godless Revolution

The Battle Begins – albeit a Little Late As we enter into the year of our Lord 2024, we are faced with the total breakdown of the American culture, and arguably the world. Certainly, this breakdown did not simply happen overnight nor did it crop up without our knowing it. This breakdown, which I will call The Cultural Revolution, which is nothing more than the secular takeover of the entire world, was developing right before our eyes. The problem was that [...]

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The Revolution of the Wicked

The goal of this blog concerns itself with practical Biblical strategies that will help the Christian community in their effort to navigate the dark times in our America for the glory of God. It is not merely meant to be advice or encouragement for the survival of the Christian community but rather it is meant to be used so that God’s people might not only survive but flourish in spite of the difficulties they face. What the Christian community needs to [...]

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Striving for Mediocrity

One of the reasons why Christendom is in a free fall of decay and insignificance is its lack of passion for the Glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom. Today’s postmodern church, (dare I say post Christian church), embraces mediocrity. Not only does the postmodern church embrace mediocrity it glorifies it as a proof of regeneration. There is a vast distinction between striving and arriving. The modern gospel, which is actually not the True Gospel, preaches a message that [...]

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Ungodly Alliances

Whenever an individual, group, church or a political party agrees to support something they are automatically giving their vote of confidence to that thing.  To agree is to confederate. Agreement is an act of affiliation. Affiliation always has a price to pay. Whenever there exists an affiliation, there is also an accountability to that thing that has been agreed upon. Affiliations are either Godly or ungodly. There is no in-between. Darkness and light cannot exist together, nor can that which is [...]

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The Boiling Pot

Tyrants have a very simple strategy for total domination. Make a people dependent and you can control them. The more the people depend upon you for their everyday sustenance, the more they are under your control. It’s that simple. Incrementalism: The Boiling Pot It’s the proverbial boiling of the frog scenario. If you place a live frog in boiling water he will instinctively jump out, or at least try to. However, place him in a nice cool pot of water and [...]

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Get the Children out…NOW!

Finally. Finally! FINALLY! Someone has called out the public schools from an international media platform. While the call to exit "Christian Children" from the public indoctrination system, commonly known as the public school, there has never really been any public outcry for all children to exit the system. In an October 26th op ed article by Alex Newman of the Epoch Times, Newman says, "The Schools are on fire: Time to get the children out!" If this is not obvious by [...]

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Thanksgiving and the Rebellious Man

Since the fall of mankind, man, often through the power of the State, has sought to be God. This is a blatant attempt at disavowing the Truth of God’s Word. By denying Christ’s Lordship, and dominion legitimacy, over every realm of civilization man positions himself to take the place of God. The Dominion Mandate that was originally given to Adam is now given to the Christ. Wen Adam failed in his commission to subdue the earth; Christ succeeded. Jesus, the Messiah of [...]

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When The Judgment is Now

In an Epoch Times opinion piece by Victor Davis Hanson, he writes, “Americans are now entering uncharted, revolutionary, territory.”  This is a profound statement as well as a painfully obvious reality. A carful assessment of America’s situation can only result in the realization that there is a systemic unraveling of every area of American civilization which is reminiscent of the last days of the Roman Empire. While this downward spiral may be something new for America, it is a very common [...]

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Law, Liberty & The Reconstruction of the Biblical Commonwealth

Continuing in the Tradition and Theology of Calvin, Beza, and the Reformers of the 16th Century, the American Puritans believed that the construct of civil government and the cultural order could never be neutral. While they held to a blend of Natural Law, human reason and Scripture, it was Scripture that was always used as the Foundation of Truth. Unlike the natural Law theorist’s of today, where Human Reason, Natural Law and self reliance is the Foundation of Truth – and [...]

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