About the author

Having established an institute for higher theological learning and Christian scholarship, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is a motivational speaker that gets the listener zealous to carry out the dominion mandate in their own communities.

Raymond is the pastor of the Reformed Bible Church (RBC) in Central Virginia which is committed to the Reformed tradition of “Sola Scriptura,” with a strong emphasis upon the Christian’s Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1:28. Originally established in 1992 in Suffolk County New York, Raymond, along with others of the RBC session, expanded the ministry in 1998 by planting a church in Virginia, and by 2001 established the Institute for Theonomic Reformation. In 2009 the work continued to expand with the establishment of The New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy; an undergraduate, graduate and seminary level scholarship training entity.

Raymond is a graduate of Whitefield Theological Seminary, holds a Masters degree from Whitefield, and a doctorate from Almeda Theological University. The Reformed Bible church is affiliated with The Alliance of Reformed and Theonomic Churches (ARTC) of which Dr. Raymond is a founding member. Regnum enim Christi, Deo Vindice!