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The American Marxist Indoctrination Scheme

The Chickens Have Finally Come Home to Roost Education is the engine of change. Evil men understand this all too well and have been capitalizing on it since the beginning of time. Today’s American Universities are over-run with Marxist Secularist elitists who are committed to the transformation of the American culture by stripping it of its Christo-centric mooring which include, but are not limited to, the dissolution of the family. It is an astonishment that this hostile takeover of the America’s [...]

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The Anatomy of Fear Pt 2

Who Do We Fear? Perhaps we should identify what men fear most. The list is endless. It is also a list, which varies from person to person. Each individual will be plagued differently by different fears. Men will differ from women and children will differ from adults. The weak will vary in their fears from the strong as will the ignorant from the intelligent. The same holds true for the rich as opposed to the poor. Of all these types, the [...]

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Christian scholarship and the ivory tower

Welcome to the Tactical Recon podcast. We’re glad you’re here. Tactical Recon is getting a facelift and developing a new podcast to discuss and inspire Kingdom-building strategies. The podcast series consists of 20 to 30 minutes episodes that center around the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy’s tagline: “Scholarship, Leadership, and Action.” To kick off the Tactical Recon podcast, we’re rolling out a three-part series highlighting each aspect of the New Geneva tagline. For our first episode, we’re focusing on the [...]

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