Welcome to the Tactical Recon podcast. We’re glad you’re here.

Tactical Recon is getting a facelift and developing a new podcast to discuss and inspire Kingdom-building strategies. The podcast series consists of 20 to 30 minutes episodes that center around the New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy’s tagline: “Scholarship, Leadership, and Action.”

To kick off the Tactical Recon podcast, we’re rolling out a three-part series highlighting each aspect of the New Geneva tagline. For our first episode, we’re focusing on the concept of scholarship and why it matters.

As Christians, why should we bother with scholarship? Is it important today? Is it biblically sanctioned? Do we need it in Christendom? Is it really only about academics and knowledge? Or is there something underlying the idea of scholarship? And what does Christian scholarship look like? 

In this first podcast episode, Dr. Paul Michael Raymond points out that listeners will find the upcoming conversations on scholarship, leadership, and action often overlap. 

Scholarship is not an ivory tower, cautions Raymond. It’s not about head knowledge without application. The Christian’s walk must go beyond knowledge. Biblical knowledge is important and needful but it must be transferred into a daily walk. 

“You’re gaining knowledge in order to apply it,” says Raymond.

Men, women, and children should exhibit care for scholarship that proves useful in their Kingdom-building labors. 

Listen to the entire episode and learn more about scholarship and how New Geneva can help.