Once you have established yourself as a reputable individual you can move onto the next step. (Remember, you must be viewed as being both trustworthy and knowledgeable, with a sense of sobriety about your entire demeanor. Impetuous radical behavior will not be profitable since it is too unstable and feared by many.)
The goal is to challenge your neighbors to think deeply about the most pressing issues of the day from a Biblical mindset. This mean that you must be able to think Biblically on every level of every discipline and be able to clearly verbalize its principles. It also means that you must have a natural report with your neighbors. This takes time and grooming but it is absolutely necessary to the entire scope of the plan of dominion. This relationship will allow you to use every natural opportunity to bring up those several issues that you want them to seriously consider.
Couch the Debate
You must control the discussion. Once you engage your audience look for openings to give your opinion but not before you listen to theirs. This is crucial. Most people do not want to hear what you think. They would much rather have you listen to what they think. Give them that courteously and gauge your response accordingly. Let them speak freely before offering your vision. This will direct your response more precisely.
Stick to a single topic per discussion. Beware of moving from one topic to another in any one conversation. This only dilutes the issue. You want to hammer one issue at a time until it is completely exhausted and concrete solutions are established. If your are engaging your neighbor in a discussion on property taxes stick to that issue. 
Discuss the rising costs of private property taxation and how it will eventually drive the owner off their own land. Mention the erosion of liberty connected with rising property taxation since liberty is tied to private property ownership. Add to the discussion the threat to the family and the confiscation of the family’s land inheritance. You may even bring up the fact that high property taxation will limit productivity especially to those using their land for farming or livestock. 
Listen to the responses and ask questions? Ask what solutions they might have to the rising property taxes. Then offer some Biblical possibilities. Encourage them to discuss these issues with others and to ultimately take these concerns to their local governing representatives. Begin to indirectly pressure the powers that be.
The Public Challenge
These types of challenges also need to be injected into the public sector. While engaging local business owners and the man on the street with these challenges is essential, you also need to begin a public debate. This can be done in several ways.
First: Set up a blog. This first step is important. If you want to keep the debate alive you must have an avenue to do so. Introducing the public to your blog will encourage all kinds of responses, both negative and positive, but it will also enable you to set forth the Biblical model. That is your goal. 
Second: Stir the public via the local editorial page. Write to the editor of the local newspaper and be sure to incorporate your blog address so people can contact you.
Third: Hand out flyers with some key concerns and some possible solutions. Get the people reading. More importantly you want to get the people thinking and talking. This will put the local magistrates on the defensive.I would add all the names and email address of the local governing official to the flyer and encourage people to begin a dialogue with their representatives.
Fourth: Take a poll. Gather some stimulating questions, and stand outside various local shopping centers engaging the public. Use only a few questions. Keep it to three or four. Be ready to walk with the people to their vehicle as you ask the questions. Be polite, but mostly be brief. Then give them a business card with your blog site address and tell them they can follow the results online. If you can get email addresses.
The Magistrate Challenge
Once you have momentum you then can engage the local rulers directly. Parade before them the concerns of the community and offer some suggestions. Set yourself up as an individual with some real answers.There is usually a time at the start of every public county meeting when citizen concerns are address. Ask to speak to the council during their meeting. Get others to speak as well. There is strength in numbers. 
 Finally: Monitor the response of the local officials. Call them individually to hear first hand of their opinion. Publish the responses on your blog. Depending upon the responses you may want to suggest removing certain leaders from local office at the next election cycle. Find someone to run for that seat.

Keep the pressure on. 
Stay on the offensive.

Stir the pot and see what opportunities God brings and take advantage of them.