There are certain characteristics which make up and define great leadership. Among these are passion, enthusiasm, confidence, and inspiration. For the Biblical leader there are a number of other characteristics which are essential, even foundational. That characteristic is faith. Although it is actually a gift from God, coming from the infusion of grace as a result of the new birth. Yet, it is also a character trait. Faith is a primary component of Biblical Leadership, and it is from this plateau that all other characteristics flow.
If one holds to the eschatological view of total and universal victory, one will labor to do all that is necessary to advance the agenda of the Kingdom of God, on earth in time and in history. This eschatological presupposition will itself inspire confidence to continue and not grow weary in the well doing of Kingdom work, no matter how incidental the work may seem.
Regardless of what that work entails it requires diligence. There is no excuse for not working hard. Leadership means hard work. Leadership is riddled with many trials and difficulties, all of which must be overcome through faith, obedience and effort. Hard work must be a major component of every leader. There is no such thing as an overnight success. True success come over many years and after many providential lessons. Genuine leadership embraces hard work.
It has been said that “read leaders rise early, read more communicate with many, plan ahead, organize others delegate appropriately, and push themselves to stay engaged.” 1
 Commentary by Mike Montague, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2013