Biblical leadership mandates unwavering faith in God’s perfect orchestration of all events. When this concept is embraced and factored into all aspects of life, the emotion of frustration is mitigated exponentially. All emotion is based on how we think and process information and events.  Thinking properly results in responding properly.
According to Dr. Frankly E. Payne emotions result from the “disturbance of the mind”. It is the result of the minds agitation to events or circumstances.

Dr. Payne
“My definition of an emotion then is the momentary (acute) and ongoing (chronic) disturbances within the mind (soul and spirit) caused by the discrepancy between perceived reality and one’s desires.” (1)
What this means is that whenever an individual interprets, or perceives, any given situation wrongly, a wrong emotional response results. This is why it is so vital for Christians to view and analyze all aspects of life through the lens of Faith. Leaders must be focuses on the task at hand. They cannot be of a “double mind” which exists somewhere between worry and trust. Leaders must be resolute, steadfast and targeted without the emotion of worry or (and especially) frustration. Frustration produces the inability to act with precision and therefore is an enemy of Godly productivity. 
Yet, frustration is a real problem especially to those who desire to see righteousness in the land by the honoring of God and His law. Frustration becomes especially debilitating when nothing seems to be getting accomplished to this end. To deal with this, the Biblical leader, understanding and embracing the times and the seasons he finds himself in, which are providentially orchestrated by God, does more than simply seek opportunity.
The Biblical Leader creates opportunity by a proactive response to the world’s issues surrounding him. The Biblical leader takes charge and injects himself into the societal fray. He doesn’t wait for change, he rather initiates change. This proactive posture frustrates frustration and establishes a concrete direction for the Glory of God.   
Leadership requires the eradication of all frustration. This is accomplished by the exercise of faith and an unmovable confidence that the Lord is orchestrating all things for the good of His people and the Glorification of His advancing Kingdom. 
(1) Dr. Frankly E. Payne, “God Confronts Culture…An Almost Complete Biblical and Christian Worldview” Available from New Geneva