In order for any Biblical change to take place cultural objectives must be established. This requires deep study and active observation as to the issues plaguing our nation and the world. It also takes resolve, commitment and focus. The problem with many of the strategies proposed to bring about a Christian reformation is that while they focus, they remain infatuated with either  political or economic solutions disregarding the root of the problem. Once reformation ideas remain fixed upon an isolated political or economic plain, it no longer can yield a Biblical answer. Without a thoroughly Biblical solution to society’s problems all remedies are fleeting resulting in only temporary  respite.

While the areas of economics and politics need to be challenged and redeveloped according to Biblical mandates the root of the cultural problem is more fundamental than politics or economics. The root of all societal problem is not environmental, economic  or political. All cultural problems stem from sin. Man’s sin is the root of cultural disintegration which is exhibited in political, economic, legal and social policies. Redeem the root and you redeem the fruit.

Gary DeMar comments,

“The Christian’s first task therefore is to bring the Word of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ, to men and women who are in need of personal dominion, subduing the desires of a rebellious heart. Societal dominion cannot take place by those who will not first see their need of personal responsibility before God.” [God & Government]

While Biblical Leadership must address all aspects of the social order  it must always keeping in mind that the root problem of every society is man’s desire to be God. Sin must be addressed. In this way, and in this way only, are all problems also addressed.