Below are some ideas for those who are truly committed to the cause and advance of Liberty. I have also added these suggestions at the end of the LIBERTY OR TYRANNY post since the piece naturally lends itself to this list.

If Christian Liberty is to be preserved it must be advanced. Without a proactive strategy, one which takes the battle to the enemies of Freedom, nothing will change. Defensive tactics are not enough. The Christian community must re-establish itself once again as a dominant force in the culture. This takes time, effort and sacrifice. But more than that it takes a continuity of devotion to the cause. 

By definition a revolution is a return to an original purpose. All revolutions begin with personal conviction. This is absolutely fundamental if anything is to take root and grow. For a Christian revolution to be successful a man must be dedicated to Biblical Reformation. This means that he must be devoted to the advancement of societal righteousness, which includes just and equitable laws as they are defined by Scripture. 

Michael Hyatt’s book “Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World” is worth a look for those who need creative stimulation for a plan of action.His first chapter suggests that a person first needs something compelling to “sell” before they are given a second look. If the Christian community has anything at all to offer it is most certainly compelling – it is God’s Law-Word. Now that’s compelling! In fact Hyatt would call this the ‘WOW’ component.

Through scholarship, Leadership and Action change will come. The Christian, however, must be able to effectually argue and then actually show how the application of God’s Law will ensure liberty and prosperity to the nation beginning at the local level.If Christendom can develop a platform for impacting society in such a way as to make a change in ideas, policy and action, progress will be forthcoming. 

Galvanizing others in the cause is also an important aspect for progress. Team building is important but not essential at first. A single person can do wonders alone simply by educating others in the application of God’s Word. The team will naturally develop. Once that happens your progress and range of influence will increase. 

It is important not to be overwhelmed or discouraged. Just keep moving forward. As Gary North states, “Stick to your knitting.”Consider these suggestions only as a starting point and build from there.
If you come up with any other ideas contact me @ I will add them to the blog.

What To Do?

1.   Run for a local office or get responsible like-minded people to run and assist them in the campaign. You may even make a play for the school board in order to run interference on their insatiable desire for more money.

2.   Talk to your local reps and make sure they understand what true liberty is. If they do not dedicate your life to replacing them with men who understand Liberty as it only found under God’s law.

3.   Write consistently to your local newspaper in order to re-educate the masses as to what liberty actually is. Be specific by using examples from the policies of overreaching Federal intrusion and show how it is destroying liberty in the name of liberty.

4.   Write to your state reps. Get others to write as well.  Emails do not usually work but they may be a good backup. Phone calls are best. Make one call every week and get as many others as possible to do likewise.

5.   Talk to local pastors. Make sure they understand the severity of liberty’s demise. Encourage them to speak to their congregation on these issues.

6.   Talk to your local Sherriff and find out where he stands on Federal encroachment. Encourage him to stand with the authorities from Oregon and Wyoming in light of the threat of federal tyranny.

If you are going to make things happen you must take action. Thinking about it will not get the job done.

Deo Vindice!