According to a story at, a backlog at the West Coast ports is the reason for the disruption of goods shipped to the rest of the nation. At the time of the report, there were plenty of truck drivers ready to deliver the goods, but a dearth of workers at the piers to off load the cargo onto the trucks. It seems that now there is a disruption of truck drivers as well who have been against any vaccine mandate. This makes the disruption of goods that much more aggressive.

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As a result of fascist-type, over bearing restrictions due to COVID-19, the United States is going to suffer an incredible shortage of things we have come to rely upon because they were so readily available. As always it is the consumer – the regular guy on the street – who suffers.

While the supermarket shelves seem to be holding up to some extent, the normal inventory is unsustainable. There will be shortages, especially as we enter into the holiday season. Remember the toilet paper and paper towel debacle? Those who understand what is coming are already in front of the problem. They have begun stockpiling those things that they use on a daily basis. These folks are now being labeled “preppers”. Yet the term is nothing new. It was also used in the 80’s depicting those “survivalists” who were either preparing for the end of the world, nuclear war, or simply the next hurricane or blizzard.

Increase Demand

The lack of workers is not the only variable in this situation. There are many others. A massive increase in imports in addition to the average American’s buying power has put an incredible strain upon the industry. In addition to this, Congress has been underfunding the ports for the past 10 years. This hamstrings any necessary improvements that might help streamline the transfer of cargo from the containers to the truckers.

Unintended Consequences

Government has never been any good at foresight. Policy decisions are often made as a result of a knee jerk reaction in order to solve a problem without thinking long term as to it’s collateral effects. Such is the case with what is happening at the ports. Some might conclude that this move to bring America into a panic is a well-planned conspiracy by the Deep State. I disagree. I think it is simply due to gross incompetence, stupidity, and a narcissistic mindset that the Government can effectively manage any and every crisis it is presented with. To be honest, the majority holding government positions are not that smart. The managing of the COVID-19 situation by governing officials has proven to be the evidence that these leaders are ill equipped to govern.

What To Do.

The first thing is to understand that there will be shortages. Scarcity of goods coupled with drastic inflation complicates the situation. That means that you must prepare now for what is coming and to a large extent what is already here. Any further hesitation to provide for yourself and your family may prove very difficult in the near future. The Natural News article advised it’s readers to buy whatever Christmas toys your children need now before the shelves are bare. But we can live without toys. What we really need is food and other necessities that are essential to normal life.

Go to the Supermarket

Perhaps you have observed some of the shelves in your local supermarket ill stocked. Some shelves are empty. This is just the beginning. Take careful note of what is leaving the shelves. This will give you an idea of what people are buying in order to prepare for when the stock has been depleted.

There is another issue of concern when it comes to food; it’s cost. As a result of soaring fertilizer prices food growers around the nation are having to significantly raise their prices. That price increase is passed down to you. Coupled with the dollar’s diminished buying power food is going to become very expensive.

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Local Farmers

If you live in an area where there are local farms, introduce yourself to them and being to buy from them. Most counties have some Amish presence. Find out where they are and patronize them. Support them and they will support you.

Living Beyond Your Means

If you are living hand to mouth and find that you do not have any money to purchase extra food then you must take a careful, even brutal, assessment of your budget. There is always a way to squirrel away a little money for things that are critical. But first let me say that no one should live beyond their means. If that is you, then this is a well deserved wake up call. If you really cannot find an extra $10/week to buy an extra bottle of olive oil, or bag of rice, or 5 cans of tuna fish then you must take drastic measures.

First: Get rid of all your entertainment subscriptions. Netflix, gaming subscriptions, Showtime, HBO, and those things that are destroying your financial flexibility. You can always resubscribe when the situation settles down.

Second: Host a garage sale and sell all the things you don’t use. You can raise a significant amount of money this way. It’s surprising what people buy.

Third: Work extra hours on your job or take a second job. Even full-time workers of 40 hours per week can work on a Saturday or a couple of part time nights for 3 or 4 hours. If you are creative, you may even find that you can work from home via your laptop. Handyman work for neighbors is always another possibility. If you are creative, you may want to offer crafts to neighbors or local store owners. The trick is not to be lazy.

Fourth: Conserve electricity. This may be a small assist but in time it adds up. Turn off the lights in rooms that you are not using. You can also turn down the heat. You do not need 75-degree room temperature especially if you’re trying to conserve money.

Remember: “When your out-come exceeds your in-come then your up-keep is your down-fall.”

Fifth: Hopefully you live in a community that is relatively safe. Low crime is usually found in small rural towns. If possible, stay out of the big cities. If that is not possible try to secure a place outside the city if things get really bad. When shortages hit and the trucks can no longer deliver to the local supermarket or Walmart, things will get ugly.