Fear is paralyzing. What’s a Christian to do in a world filled with unknowns? In episode six of the Tactical Recon podcast, our hosts discuss fear, God’s presence in the unknowns of life, and a biblical approach to mortifying fear.
We must never lose sight that God is the absolute sovereign, our hosts share. What befalls us happens for our benefit and His glory.
God is in the unknown. Everything happens for a reason. Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond explains that the real focus is not on what is happening but why it’s happening. We are given challenging situations to overcome our fear. Without fear there can be no courage. Without fear there can be no bravery. We must rise up knowing God has promised to care for His people.
Instead of letting fear stifle us, we are to look to Scripture.
Authentic Christianity is a battle with enemies— both inside and out. We must face them with our minds firmly fixed on the Word of God.
The Christian life is to be lived courageously. We trust you are encouraged to live boldly for the glory of God and the advancement of His Kingdom.
Listen to our latest podcast episode below.
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