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Is Church Optional?

Are we serious about our faith? What is our view of the church? Is it the gathering of two or three people, outside of ecclesiastical oversight? In this episode, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond and Elder Paul Coviello discuss the importance of the community of saints. Listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or below.

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How to Summon Courage When You Face Fear

Fear is paralyzing. What's a Christian to do in a world filled with unknowns? In episode six of the Tactical Recon podcast, our hosts discuss fear, God's presence in the unknowns of life, and a biblical approach to mortifying fear. We must never lose sight that God is the absolute sovereign, our hosts share. What befalls us happens for our benefit and His glory. God is in the unknown. Everything happens for a reason. Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond explains that the [...]

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Freedom and Compromised Pulpits

What is freedom? Are we free here in America? How do we attain liberty? In a discussion with Elder Paul Coviello, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond looks at the foundations of liberty. Together they delve into practical solutions for cultivating a free society. Among those solutions, Raymond points to the pulpit. Unfortunately, when the pulpit is compromised, you will find unchallenged and disengaged congregations. When the societal structure abides by the Law of God, we will then find liberty. But when [...]

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Action Starts at Home

Christian action requires a long-term vision beyond the here and now. The Christian is not called to hide out but to engage in the home, church, and community. This is how we confront the Goliath of our day. Reconstructing the culture begins with yourself.In this third episode of the Tactical Recon podcast, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is joined by Elder Paul Coviello of the the Reformed Bible Church of Central Virginia. Together they discuss Christian action and its place in building [...]

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Toilet Bowl Leadership

What is leadership? What are the traits of Christian leadership? In this episode, Dr. Paul Michael Raymond points to Jesus Christ, the perfect leader. While it's not a glamorous endeavor, Christian leadership is needful in kingdom building. He notes that leadership is done by example, not by barking orders. Knowledge does not translate someone into a leader. It must be put into action. A true leader seeks solutions and exercises compassion and carefulness. "Leaders are not in the ivory tower," says Raymond. [...]

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