What is Money?

The paper dollars that you have in your pocket, (assuming you have any), is NOT real money. It is a promissory note issued by the Federal Reserve. It is a medium of exchange that is commonly acceptable within the United States. The key here is the idea of “acceptability”. To put it another way; the paper federal reserve note is “trusted” by the American population as having a certain rate of “purchasing power”. Once that rate of purchasing power changes, usually by inflation, the purchasing power of that note is diminished. To the extent that the inflation rate increases, by infusing more paper dollars into the system, the purchasing power of those notes decreases resulting in having to use more “notes” to buy the same things that at one time used fewer “notes”. If, the inflation rate gets to critical mass, (hyper-inflation), the dollar either becomes totally worthless or it loses so much of its purchasing power that it becomes almost worthless.  We are on the fast track to a period of gross inflation.

According to Professor and economist Richard David Wolff we are at a period in history that is unique. In other words, never in the history of the world can we find a period where our situation can be studied so that we can know what to do. He notes that our present situation cannot even be compared to the Weimar inflation era. This, he says, causes great concern.

Signs of the Coming Inflationary Era

One gauge of an inflationary period is pricing. Whenever there is a surge in prices the culprit is the dollar’s decline in purchasing power. This is a very good inflation indicator. These indicators are found in gas prices, house prices, car prices, rents, foods (both for humans and livestock) and many house-hold durable goods. With the so-called stimulus packages inflation has been put on the fast track. According to Professor Wolff, another indicator that America is in trouble is to be found in the unemployment numbers. What is even more disturbing than these factors is people are willfully seeking NOT to work. As long as Uncle Sam gives them “Free Money” they won’t work. Instead of the government trying to slow down inflation, they are frantically and deliberately trying to increase it with the trillions of dollars flooding into the American economic system. We may very well be on the threshold of a monetary grave-yard spiral to catastrophic inflation where the paper dollar becomes almost worthless.

The Insurance Policy of Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver (precious metals) are actually “real money” and they are the best monetary insurance during times of gross inflation. However, you can’t eat precious metals and they will not be useful unless they are traded for actual goods or services. Silver and gold, much like paper money are mediums of exchange. The difference between precious metals and the federal reserve notes is they maintain their worth in every economic era, especially in an inflationary period. While silver and gold are great as insurance against inflation, food and things that you use on a daily bases are more valuable than gold and silver. Unless you have a stash of cash that is just lying around you may want to put your money into useful survival goods rather than precious metals.


What to Do? Some practical advice.

First: Translate the Paper Dollar Into Something of Value

Do not trust the paper dollar. While you should always have some liquidity (i.e. paper dollars) to pay bills, and for emergencies, do not trust that money. Moreover, do not horde it. If you have any saving whatsoever you need to invest it in durable items that will ensure your survival when a critical inflationary period actually hits. Once that happens no one but yourself will be coming to your aid, especially not the Federal Government. Remember, they are the ones who perpetuated the crisis. This means it is up to you to stock up on nonperishable foods, paper goods, (remember the toilet paper crash) tools, energy equipment, communication items, medical and first aid supplies and anything else that you may not be able to acquire easily. Whether you live in a city or in the country you will have to be very creative. I suggest you search the internet for sites that detail with how to prepare in an economic downturn.

Second: Debt Reduction

If you can get out of debt do so. Debt is a cruel taskmaster. Do whatever you can to minimize your debt. This means that you will have to downsize on some of your luxury items, like Netflix, gaming subscriptions, movie rentals, dinner outings, vacations, etc. Pay down your debt.

Third: Security

1. Personal self-protection items are important especially when things go south. Firearms, ammo, knives, stun guns, pepper spray, tasers, non-lethal bean bag 12-gauge ammo, even paint guns are effective. Consider brushing up on your hand-to-hand fighting skills. Learn how to defend yourself without a weapon. This is especially important for women and little children. Contact a fighting specialist and have him give a seminar to you and your family. Invite your neighbors and your church members. Be prepared and take responsibility for your own personal protection.

2. After you consider self-protection think property protection. Alarm systems, security gates, and no trespassing signs. Perhaps you may want to get a dog; a really big dog. Even a small dog will give many a moment of pause before doing something stupid. DO NOT put signs that telegraph that you have firearms on the premises or that you will kill anyone that tries to rob you. Let the assailants think you are an easy mark and then educate them. The element of surprise is essential. There are legal reasons also why you should not threaten to kill anyone that breaks into you home.

Fourth: Skill Assessment

Gather together a list of people from your church, your neighborhood, or the general community that possess a certain skill set. Be sure to include auto mechanics, farmers, herdsmen, carpenters, plumbers, handymen, cooks, electricians, computer techs, security professionals, educators for the education of the children if the need arises, even spiritual leaders who have shown leadership capabilities. Make a pact with these folks to barter their skills for other skills that they might need. The payment of the paper dollar will not be a suitable medium of exchange since it will no longer hold any worth. What is valuable in a hyper inflationary period are concrete skills.

 Fifth: Community Organization

Organize your relatives, neighbors, church goers and friends in your community. A strong community is essential to survival. Offer your skill as a bartering tool and encourage others to do likewise.

Sixth: Energy & Communication

Look into solar powered devices, CB radios, walkie talkies, police and weather band radios and things of that nature. You need to stay informed. Communication and intel will be important in a crisis. Invest in batteries or even rechargeable batteries. You can charge them with the solar devices and they will last a long time. If you can afford to invest in satellite communication devices this may be something to consider.

Seventh: Stay Informed

Do not trust in the general media since they are no longer to be trusted. Remain suspicious about everything until you can confirm the veracity of the report. Search the internet for intel that will assist you in understanding the world as it is today and view it through the eyes of God’s Holy Word.


It is painfully obvious that America and the nations of the world are now under His chastising hand of judgment. We need to learn how to biblically navigate through this time of darkness, oppression, and tyranny. That is our task and it is our test to see if we are going to act faithfully and courageously for His honor and His glory.

Only the Word of God has the answers to the world’s problems. We are His ambassadors and we cannot be silent. Therefore, while we prepare for the physical difficulties that we are about to experience let us be absolutely sure that we are prepared spiritually for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, for this is our calling and commission.

Coram Deo! Deo Vindice!