Tactical Reconstruction aka Tactical Recon

With all the talk of Christian Reconstruction, (CR), and the duty of Christians to advance the Kingdom of Christ, there is more talk these days than real action. While disseminating information and ideas is good, even important, and usually begins the process of CR, it is not, in and of itself, enough. 

In fact, if all there is is talk, then it no longer amounts to CR or the actual work of Advancing Christ’s Kingdom. If CR discussions never amount to actionable and measurable results it cannot, by definition, be called CR. Perhaps it should be called “Recon Pontification”. CR must be actionable so that it can be measured to see if it has been effective. Only then can we claim to be reconstructionists.

What is Tactical Recon (TR)

CR must have concrete directives and goal all of which result in a measurable community change God-ward. Without the actual application of a concrete plan nothing of any consequence can ever happen. The introduction, execution and monitoring of a tactical plan within a given community is what CR should be about. Anything less is just cheap talk.
The Plan

Tactical Recon will periodically post in detail, various community action plans that have already been executed, are still being executed, or will be executed by Christian Reconstructionists locally, within the realm of the U.S., and in the international community.

TR will explain why these plans were considered, how they were executed, if they succeeded or failed and why, what might have been done differently for a greater impact and how are they being maintained.

TR will also set forth a “success barometer” so certain plans can be accurately measured. In other words, how does one measure the success of a certain community action program? Is every community action program measured by the same standard? What are the goals of the plan and are their benchmarks being set to know whether or not the plan is effectual? All these are questions that must be taken into consideration when advancing Christ’s agenda.

The Essential Questions

Whenever an action plan is considered one must first figure out the area(s) to target. And so we ask the questions of: Who? What? Where? When? How? and most importantly Why?
Who do we target, i.e. what group or institution?

Whatneeds to be targeted and How do we propose to initiate the plan?

Whereis this plan to be executed; locally, state-wide, politically, the clergy, community groups , law enforcement, home school groups, school boards, social workers, postal workers, businesses, etc?

Whenis the best time to execute the plan?

And Why are we seeking to address this issue with this plan?

Once these questions are answered CR can begin in earnest.

The Schedule

This Ambassador School Blog will take up these discussions concerning Tactical Recon by posting various Actionable Plans that anyone can execute in their own community. They will be detailed descriptions of What, Where, When, How and Why they were executed and the effects which they had, if any, on the community and its people.


“Positioning: The Key to Christian Reconstruction”