Why are so many individuals, especially Christians vague as to their life’s purpose?
Why are so many wasting precious time, the majority of which don’t even know they are wasting it?

What distinguishes the dreamers from the doers; the arm chair warriors from the ones who are actually on the front lines of cultural dominion change God-ward?

The answer is simple: Definition!

Defining ones direction and purpose is the key to being effective in life.Without definition an individual remains misguided, tossed by every emotional whim and situation that presents itself. Once an individual defines his life’s directions and purpose, he (or she) becomes focused and productive. Definition introduces objectives perhaps never before realized. It is the foundation of every strategy and tactic.Once goals are defined and objectives are isolated productivity results.

The Rat Race is only for Rats

Those who run the rat race have failed to see the big picture. They have failed to look into the Word of God in order to identify that they are like the man whom Christ condemns for building barn after barn after barn, only to find himself loosing his own soul in the end; his goods distributed among strangers.

Define Your Life

Life is more than working the 40-50 hour work-week only to be emotionally, spiritually and intellectually drained of all stamina for the Kingdom’s work. Work cannot be the beginning and the end of life. While it is needful for mankind to work, even commanded, the end of the Christian life is not simply work, it is vocation within and apart from that 9 to 5 work-day.


If the Kingdom of God is going to advance, and the culture reversing itself from its grave yard spiral downward into total degeneracy, Christians must being to sacrifice the security of a big paycheck and a retirement pension for the building of The Kingdom.

That sacrifice is the True Liberation.