The world’s most valuable asset in a time of economic crisis is not gold, silver, guns, ammunition, medical supplies, food or even water. Some may think the most valuable asset for a family’s economic security is farm land. While all these things are essential, and should be highly valued and available in a time of crisis, they are not the most important aspect of the Family’s well being.

The Christian Family is God’s vehicle for Cultural Dominion. It is the sanctuary and safety zone for each member. It is the child’s first church, school, government and economic vehicle. It is the most important institution on the face of the earth. Although the church remains crucial to the wellbeing of the culture, the family is central. Without the family, the church cannot exist. Both institutions, the church and the family, are to work in harmony, supporting one another without usurping each other’s authority role.

Today’s Christian Family is in peril. It is out of order. It is out of order to the point that it no longer resembles the Christian family of Scripture. It is so far out of order that at times it doesn’t even resemble the traditional family of the 1600 and 1700s. The reason for this is clear; it is simple; and it rests upon the shoulders of Christian husbands and fathers.

A majority of today’s Christian men have rebelled against God’s pattern for Godly manhood by following the path of the humanist, resulting in the Family’s malady.

Today’s men, Christian and non-Christian alike, are more concerned with sensual gratification than with Family Order. They are concerned with money, business ventures, the quest of financial ease, and the hope of early retirement.

This abdication of family responsibility results in women filling the void. As R.J. Rushdoony states, “The matriarchal society is thus the decadent or broken society.”

The most important asset for the economic security of the Christian Family is Godly Order. If a family is out of order it cannot survive, even in the best of times. In a crisis, it is doomed. Christian men must repent and recapture what has been lost by their greed, and carnal quest for worldly goods.

Establishing a Godly Family-Order begins with establishing a Godly marriage. The principles of a Godly marriage, and a Godly Family-Order were set forth by Matthew Sorin in 1840. These are all reminiscent of Ephesians Chapter 5 and various principles from other Pauline Epistles.

The duties Arising out of the Marriage Relation:
1. Mutual affection.
2. Mutual Confidence
3. Mutual Attention
4. Mutual Assistance
5. Mutual Respect
6. Mutually promoting each other’s Spiritual welfare.

Notice how the husband and wife are to work together in mutual agreement and assistance for the control and ordering of the family. Without this marital order the family will be out of order. This is why Paul is careful to counsel Timothy that if any would rule the church he first must rule well his own house. Family order is essential to both the family and the church.
Here are some principles to be considered:

1. Christian men must kill off any pride that may interfere with family focus. That means doing without some of the things your neighbors may have so you can give time to your family.

2. Christian men must be able to take advice and absorb corrective criticism from both their wives and their brethren. They must be constantly searching the Scriptures for ways to direct their family in the things of God.

3. They must re-direct themselves God-ward so they may re-direct their family God-ward. Discipleship takes time. One must first discipline the self before one can discipline others. This takes time and patience. It also takes men away from the “fun” things that they may want to do. That is where the problem lies. Prioritize your family first and focus upon them.

4. Christian men must be frugal in order to teach frugality. This is an economic necessity. Today’s undisciplined man is actually an unruly child. Whatever his heart lusts after he sets out to buy. A Family man must teach his family to count the costs lest he inadvertently teaches squander rather than stewardship.

5. Family order requires the husband/father to know what is happening in the family at all times. He must have his finger on the “pulse” of each member of the family, especially his wife. The Godly man knows the state of his flocks and herds. He must be engaged his family’s life.

6. Establishing an orderly family means having a goal as a family. That goal must be Christo-centric. It must glorify God. Each member of the family must be in pursuit of some goal for the Glory of God. If no family goal God-ward is established, the family cannot be called a Christian family no matter how many prayers are said, hymns sung, or money dropped into the offering plate.

Economic security depends upon Family Order; in a time of ease, and especially in a time of crisis.