The Chickens Have Finally Come Home to Roost

Education is the engine of change. Evil men understand this all too well and have been capitalizing on it since the beginning of time. Today’s American Universities are over-run with Marxist Secularist elitists who are committed to the transformation of the American culture by stripping it of its Christo-centric mooring which include, but are not limited to, the dissolution of the family. It is an astonishment that this hostile takeover of the America’s higher learning institutions has not only been tolerated by the Christian culture for years, but embraced as a vehicle to economic, social, and professional prosperity.

What once was the hall mark of Christian higher learning, (Yale, Harvard, Princeton) these universities have now become a den of blasphemous Marxist reprobates who call all men to tolerate anti-Biblical and American doctrines, yet refuse to tolerate anyone that refuses to believe in the way they believe. And it is the church’s toleration of this wickedness that now threatens Christianity’s very existence. As a result of the church turning a blind eye to the Marxist takeover of the American universities, the chickens of destruction have finally come home to roost; and they are rabid.

From College to Primary and Secondary Indoctrination

It was not enough that the higher learning establishments were able to transform college age young people into haters of America and Marxist evangelicals, now they have finally infiltrated the primary and secondary schools with transgender education, Critical Race Theory Education, and a myriad of ungodly doctrines aimed at the destruction of America and it’s Religious moorings. And yet, even with all this evidence, Christian parents still make excuses for sending their children to these death camps.

A Government School Exodus

It is time for the pulpits of America to unify by telling their congregations, with one voice, that they must leave the schooling system of the Government indoctrination camps. If there was any argument at all in the past, those arguments are now null and void. A mass Exodus is needed and it is needed NOW!

The Plan Is Simple: Get The Children OUT!

If America and Christendom is to survive, Christian children need to be taken out of the government schools and taught properly from a Christo-centric world and life view. This can be done through a number of vehicles including home education, Christian schools or various church schools. Parents who either cannot afford Christian school, or cannot home educate can form a co-op of parents who are able to assist in the education of the children. Church leaders need to step up. Sadly, many church leaders are part of the problem. Either they refuse to call out the government schools for their evil because their congregation is full of the “priesthood” of teachers and administrators, they are afraid to offend those that believe the government schools to be messianic, or they are encouraging the children to be “lights” in the school when in fact they are nothing more than lambs being led to the slaughter.

It’s time to get serious about the future of our nation and the souls of our children. If we falter in this challenge we deserve the wrath and judgment of God in its fullest fury.