In his most excellent work, “Is Public Education Necessary”, Samuel Blumenfeld wrote,

“Educational tyranny is the natural and inevitable result of a government school system controlled by monopoly-minded bureaucrats and edu-crats . The people of this country must soon decide what is more important to them: parents’ rights or compulsory schooling; educational freedom or educational tyranny.”

In the early 80’s it was still unlawful to educate your own children at home. Children were being dragged off to detention facilities and parents were thrown into jail. Even though some of the greatest Americans, including most of America’s founding fathers, were home educated, this was now unlawful. Government education was mandated, and the children were given over to the state for their upbringing. In essence the state had kidnapped the children under their magisterial protection. In doing so, they violated their God given duty and headed down a path of perdition.
A carful historical study of the development of American Public Education quickly shows that its goal was never to educate children to become productive citizens of the American capitalistic republic, but rather to brainwash them into statist socialists.

The idea that education should come under the regulation of the state, rather than the parent or the clergy, was originally a Prussian model proposed by Harvard University socialist James G. Carter during the early 1800s.

Blumenfeld recounts,

“Thus, as early as 1825, educational statism, modeled on the Prussian design, was already a well-developed idea in the heads of the Harvard-Unitarian elite[s].”

In order to promote public education Carter, and his supporters, led a movement to discredit the private academies in favor of government funded schools by arguing that the poor were being disenfranchised.  

Blumenfeld comments,
“[This]…point was to become a favorite argument [by Carter] against the private academy: that it deprived the poor of equal educational opportunity. It never occurred to the “friends of education” to advocate state scholarships or tuition grants for poor youths so that they could attend the private academy in their town. Instead, they promoted the idea of free public schools for all-including all of those who could afford private schooling. The reason for this is obvious. Only in free public schools could the characters and minds of all be manipulated by the controlling few. The end result was to be a social utopia that would bring unparalleled happiness to the human race. “

The two forces perpetuating this movement were the Owenits (b. 1771 – Robert Owen, an Englishman known as the father of modern socialism),and the Unitarians.

Again Blumenfeld explains,

“Although both Owenites and Unitarians agreed that the government should take full control of education, the Owenite plan was far more radical in total concept than anything the Unitarians advocated. The Owenites wanted children to be separated from their parents as early as possible-age two was suggested-and placed in district boarding schools away from the influences of the prevailing system. Each school would house a different age group and be furnished with “instructors in every branch of knowledge, intellectual and operative, with all the apparata, land, and conveniences necessary for the best development of all knowledge.”
 The ideology behind their educational plan was articulated in the following manner.

“[T]he grand lever, which is to raise up the mighty mass of this community is education …The schools hold, in embryo, the future communities of this land . The schools are the pillars of the republic. To these, let the strong arm of government be stretched out .Over these, let the wisdom of our legislatures watch.” “Improvement of Common Schools,” Article X, North American Review, January 1827, pp . 156-57 .

Today, Home Education is still frowned upon, although in most states it is no longer illegal. There are still some major restriction and regulations in certain jurisdictions, but at least home education is possible without fear of imprisonment.

Yet, the private citizen – whether they like it or not and whether they support Public Statist education or not – must pay for the Messianic schooling through taxation. These taxes are sometime quite burdensome and there is no way of opting out without certain infringing government caveats.

Even with funding through excessive taxation the schools are in deep trouble academically and morally. It seems as if the more money that is thrown at the system the less productive it becomes. Government education is in a grave-yard spiral – and the government knows it.

As early as 1980 a mass exodus was upon the horizon.

The unprecedented decline in academic quality has precipitated a veritable exodus of children from the government schools. More and more parents are choosing private, church and home schools .The phenomenal rise of homeschooling in recent years not only indicates a disenchantment with government schools but with formal schooling in general. The demand for greater educational freedom by parents is causing alarm within the educational establishment which has, for the last one hundred years, depended on the compulsory school attendance laws to supply it with a captive clientele no matter how poor the quality of their education .”

During the 1800s, wherever academies were established, Cater noticed that the common school declined because the most intelligent people in town were no longer interested in it.
For Carter there was a solution to the problem: “Abolish the academy…”

There is no guarantee that home education and private academies will continue to remain free. If more and more children are removed from statist control the system will begin to crack. This has already begun. If, as a result of this breakdown, the government becomes desperate, we may see either greater regulations and restrictions or a totalitarian crack-down upon all private and home education.

1. Read Sam’s book cover to cover. Buy it and share it with many. Know it inside and out. Digest it and then proclaim its historical and ideological tenants. Everyone must be aware of what is happening to our nation through the statist plan for total control through the Trojan horse of the Public Education system.

2. Every church should have a school. Encourage your pastor to start one if he hasn’t already. Religious education is still honored in the United States under the first amendment. Use the freedom.The Old Testament Levites were the principle educators of the people. This pattern must be re-established. The church can also act as an umbrella protection for those who want to home educate their children. The church’s power and influence should never be underestimated. She must protect her people. She must educate Christ-ward by promoting Christo-centric education.

3. Private Christian Schools should be established in the various states that are supportive of the private academies. Schools that are grandfathered in are more likely to remain strong against any assault by the state. The more Christian academies in operation the less likely they will be over-run.
4. Encourage your pastor to read Sam Blumenfeld’s “Is Public Education Necessary” and then preach against the Statist Messianic education system. This is especially important if there are many in his congregation who have their children in public schools or if there are many public school teachers in his congregation. This will be a life changing challenge so encourage and pray for him. The action he takes will show just who’s side he is on. Hope for the best, but expect disappointment.

5. Publish various quotes in your local newspaper about how the public school system is Marxist. Show how it is actually destroying the culture and bringing the nation into judgment. Use social media to share some potent quotes for others to use. Lead the pack. Shake the people out of their slumber.

6. Give a copy of Blumenfeld’s book to your state delegate and state senator. Make him promise to read it. Then call him weeks later to see if he read it. Do not let him rest till you are satisfied that he has read the book. Have others call him also. Be respectful but be persistent. The squeaky wheel always gets greased.
7. Give copies of the book to the local school board. Prepare for blowback. Be courageous. Go forward in the fear of the Lord and for the Crown Rights of King Jesus.
It has recently been my pleasure to spend an entire weekend with Sam discussing these issues and the future of the Christina Education movement. His sincerity and expertise is refreshing. Mr. Samuel Blumenfeld has just signed on with New Geneva as the Director Of Primary Education.  You can read Dr. Blumenfeld’s articles at The New American Online