Christianity must be holistic in that it seeks to intervene into all spheres of the culture. We cannot think in a compartmentalized fashion when it comes to the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom, as if it restricted to the church alone.
Since all spheres of life are to come under the authority of the Sovereign Lord, there is no sphere that is less important than another. That being said, we still must prioritize when we seek to advance His cause. That means we must have our families in order first. If we fail to bring our families under the rule of the Gospel, whatever cause we undertake for Christ will fail.

Ministry beings at home, then moves outward into the church, and then the community. I too have witnessed men, and women – even elders and deacons – rush to save the world while their families are languishing. In my 24 years of ministry I have witnessed such gross disconnect that it boggles the mind. The reason why our political and economic situation is in a tailspin is due to the apostasy of the church, which is a direct result of the lackadaisical attitude of family discipleship.

Christians must remedy the sins of the culture by first remedying the sins of the home. Christian fathers are called to sacrifice all for the family. Their first priority must be their wives, and then their children. Male Biblical leadership, initiated by the father, is absolutely essential. Husbands must minister to their wives by providing loving support in her responsibilities as governess of the home. He must be actively involved in the affairs of the household. In this way he can maintain control without which there can be real Biblical oversight. His support must be firm and resolute along Biblical lines and according to Biblical principles. Family communication, especially communication between husband and wife, is essential, as is family discipleship. All this must be instigated by the head of the home and executed seamlessly by both parents for complete Biblical continuity.

It is no wonder why Paul counsels Timothy as to the importance of Ecclesiastic leadership beginning at home.

“[A Bishop is] One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?) “ 1 Timothy 3:4-5

C. S. Lewis rightly observed, “Because the family is so central to building up a godly society, it has always been under attack by unbelievers and is in particularly great danger today. At the root of outright hatred of family bonds lies sinful man’s craving to be independent of God and his fellow men so he may do as he pleases and not be burdened or restrained by any responsibilities or obligations. Such individual anarchy and selfishness among ever growing numbers of people eventually leads to the breakdown of society at large.”

If Christendom is ever to see an advancement of Christ’s Kingdom on earth it must
re-examine its familial structure. If the Kingdom is ever to advance it will advance upon the shoulders of solidly structured Christian homes within the oversight of self-less, conscientious fathers and mothers who are willing to give all for the Glory of Christ. The hope of a Biblical postmillennial victory depends upon the stability of the Christian family.