“You cannot teach hunger.” This is an old saying but especially true in the realm of Christianity. If an individual has not been regenerated by God the Holy Spirit, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will never be able to get that individual to embrace Kingdom Advancement. Biblical passion comes from God not from nagging, begging or threatening. If God is at work in the heart of the individual, that individual will be motivated to diligent and devoted service.

Share Your Passion

Passion sharing is a like a fact finding mission. You share your passion for the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom with as many professing Christians as possible and see who “bites”. It is as simple as that. Just share your passion. Don’t nag. Don’t beg. Don’t even encourage. Just share, and let God do the rest.

Find the Proper Kingdom Niche

Among those that actually have the Spirit’s induced passion for the Crown

Rights of the King and the advancement of His Kingdom, will not exhibit it in the same manner. Not everyone shares the same Kingdom niche even though they share the same Kingdom passion. In fact, the areas for which they are  passionate about may not always coincide with yours. But that is not the point. The purpose of sharing your passion for the Kingdom is to find different  people with different “kingdom specifics” and encourage them to get to work with concrete strategies. This is what makes the Body of Christ unique. Everyone is called to a particular Kingdom niche. The Many, passionately working in various areas are actually working as One, in harmonious unison, for the ultimate Kingdom Glory. You are simply stoking the embers of their passion by sharing the flame your passion. 

The goal of Passion Sharing is to find as many different people as possible who can take upon themselves different areas of the culture that  need Christian reconstruction. If these folks have the passion of Christ they will be moved by Christ to undertake the necessary tasks for the fulfillment of the dominion mandate.

Refine Your Own Niche

You cannot do everything and you certainly cannot change everything God-ward. Furthermore you do not know everything. There will always be someone who knows more than you and who has a greater sphere of influence than you. Do not try to be the kingpin of Kingdom Advancement. Kingdom passion must be refined to each individual. This is where you must find your own niche and develop it. Don’t look at everyone else or what everyone else is doing. They have their niche. Now you need to find yours. Honing your particular skill will make you a master at it. This gives you a greater scope of influence and measure of power within your particular sphere of influence.

Grow Organically

Never stop learning. If the passion of the Holy Spirit is at work in you, He will stretch and refine  you. This is essential to the well-being of the Mission of the Kingdom.  There are many ways by which God teaches us. 

 First, God teaches us by way of His Word. We must be in constant study of His Commandments and Precepts. This is our standard of Law and Order without which we are adrift in the sea of humanistic chaos. 
Second, God teaches us by way of providence. We must be careful to assess what God is teaching us so we may profit from both positive and negative events.
Third, God teaches us through conversations with others of a Kingdom Mindset. As iron sharpeneth Iron, we can learn much from our fellow laborers. Despise not the knowledge or wisdom of others whom God has refined and groomed.
Fourth, God teaches us through insults and oppositions from the unregenerate. Never brush off entirely the words and objections of the wicked. Providentially, even they have something to teach us. Like Shimei who cursed King David, so too have these been moved by God to curse us. Learn from it.
Fifth, God teaches us by way of our mistakes, and the mistakes of others. We need to be sensitive to these as they are very powerful lessons for us to profit thereby. 
Be Inclusive A very real problem within Christendom is the tendency to be

introspective and exclusive. Ministries tend to fell as if theirs is the only faithful tool God is using. Many feels as if theirs is the best, or the most influential, or the most profitable,  or the wealthiest, or the most popular, or they have the best conference speakers. These attitudes are destroying any possibility of unity and Kingdom advancement. While they seek to advance the Kingdom of God they are in reality stifling any real progress altogether. If the Christian community refuses to work together they will fall apart.

Passion Sharing includes and equips everyone motivated by God’s Spirit to give their all for the Kingdom’s Glory. An army of many must be built. It must be comprised of all kinds of soldiers from all walks of life, with various skills and knowledge, working in Biblical harmony with one another for the ONE Who has commissioned them to the battle. IN this way, and in this way only can the Dominion Mandate be realized.