Christian action requires a long-term vision beyond the here and now. The Christian is not called to hide out but to engage in the home, church, and community. This is how we confront the Goliath of our day. Reconstructing the culture begins with yourself.

In this third episode of the Tactical Recon podcast, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is joined by Elder Paul Coviello of the the Reformed Bible Church of Central Virginia. Together they discuss Christian action and its place in building God’s kingdom.

“We do lack commitment,” shares Raymond of today’s nominal version of Christianity. “We are straddling the fence and are not willing to go all out for the Gospel. This will create another generation of apathetic church-goers.”

Raymond describes church as the armory of God, equipping the saints to go out Monday morning and onward in their Kingdom-building work.

“Everybody is an ambassador for Christ,” added Coviello. He says we all have some way to reach some people at some level. “Everybody can do something every week.”

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