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Having established an institute for higher theological learning and Christian scholarship, Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Raymond is a motivational speaker that gets the listener zealous to carry out the dominion mandate in their own communities.

Tactical Recon: Concreteness

Most knowledge is abstract. Every thought begins in the mind as an abstract idea or notion. Abstract thinking is one of the unique characteristics of human beings created in God’s image and it is critical for the creation of concrete things.  Yet, when abstract thinking remains within the realm of the abstract world it loses its power. For example: When a child is taught that 2+2=4 he may understand the concept. He may even be able to add many numbers to one [...]

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Tactical Recon: Making Ideas Happen

Once we have developed a significant rapport with our community, and its leaders, by making ourselves visible and trustworthy, we can then begin to transition from the discussion of ideas to the implementation of those ideas. This is where the real work begins. It is far easier to discuss ideas and possibilities than it is to actually execute them. Once an idea “hits the street” the real vetting begins. IDEAS DON’T JUST HAPPENAn idea doesn’t become a reality all by itself. [...]

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Tactical Recon: Intelligence Gathering

When we seek to build influential rapport in any community we must know the players of that community. A relationship with those that hold power and esteem in the community need to be developed.Know the players and you can structure your interaction with them accordingly for the best possible outcome. Knowing the influential people in your community is the key to positioning yourself as a “shaker and a mover” (i.e. someone that can be trusted, with insight and integrity to get a [...]

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Tactical Recon: Credentials

Credentials and InfluenceWe live in an age where credentials matter. Professional credentials are an indication that the individual holding those credentials has been educated, trained and tested as to their knowledge and proficiency in that particular discipline. Credentials say to the outside world, “I have studied, been tried and tested, and have been found by other professionals proficient in my area of study whereby I am now to be considered an expert.”If nothing else credentials prove that the individual has gone [...]

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Tactical Recon: Listen & Convey

Listen carefully; and then listen some more. No one likes to be preached to. As Christians we are naturally ready (or should be ready) to give an apologetical answer for every question that others may ask concerning Scripture, and its application to the real world. However, when seeking to build rapport with those in your community, you must suppress the urge to argue them into what you are proposing. The more you try to convince someone, if you have not developed [...]

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Tactical Recon: Rapport & The Human Element

It’s All about Human ContactChristian Reconstruction was never meant to be impersonal but rather relational. Institutions are not persons in the sense that they cannot be related to as one would relate to another human being. You cannot build rapport with institutions. Institutions are comprised of people. If an institution is to be transformed the people of that institution need to be transformed first. The way this is accomplished is by building a positive relationship with its administrators. For instance: The institution [...]

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Tactical Recon – Positioning: The Key to Christian Reconstruction

Whenever a plan is hatched, which relies heavily upon influencing people with new ideas, it must be realized that such an endeavor takes TIME. One of the problems with the modern CR movement is lack of patience. CR (Christian Reconstruction)  is not a quick fix. Long term planning is essential. Successes and failures need to be experienced. It may take years to gain respect and trust. Convincing the citizenry of your integrity and your willingness to be a part of the community, and [...]

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Tactical Reconstruction

Tactical Reconstruction aka Tactical Recon With all the talk of Christian Reconstruction, (CR), and the duty of Christians to advance the Kingdom of Christ, there is more talk these days than real action. While disseminating information and ideas is good, even important, and usually begins the process of CR, it is not, in and of itself, enough. In fact, if all there is is talk, then it no longer amounts to CR or the actual work of Advancing Christ’s Kingdom. If CR discussions [...]

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The Offering of a Thankful Heart

The over-all message of Psalm 50 is actually a rebuke upon the Religious hypocrite who is determined to ACT OUT VARIOUS religious rituals, but refuses to offer God the Thanksgiving-Glory due Him. The Psalmist Asaph is warning the hypocrite to mend his ways by reflecting upon the UNSEEN Saviour Who is only SEEN by the eye of Faith.While the hypocrite is able to perform outward works, in a show of religious observances, he is unable to manufacture sincere gratitude for the [...]

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The Faceless Face Book: Blessing or Curse?

The original intent of Face Book (FB) was primarily meant to bring family and friends together who were separated geographically. Almost immediately FB became a vehicle for everyone who simply wanted to share information or certain life events within their realm of relationships. That sharing expanded to the public arena whether the viewers were friends or not. By the use of textual comments, photos, videos and a variety of “fun” communications FB became an international phenomena.  FB has now metamorphasized into many [...]

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